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Crysis Environment

Crysis file on file front.

Controls for elevator:

Miranda Kerr "n" than "p" to elevate then "b" to come back down.

Angela Merkle's "c" to go up "y" to go down

Google Sketch up file

Concept design behind the bridge basically refers to the 2 articles which are related to the clients. Angela Merkle’s article mentions “Merkel had established direct contact with the general public, using the media to build a bridge to the populace. The appearance transformed her into a people's chancellor, the uncrowned queen of Germany”” As a leading politician she shows great dominance and power, having Germany and the public under her wing. This concept is shown in her designed space( far left) by structural form, as the brown structure on the left end bulges from the ground , supporting her office space.

Miranda Kerr’s article mentions "Catwalk beauty Miranda Kerr bares her curvy body for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine Australia's upcoming Green Issue in a bid to raise awareness about the environment” As a super model, Kerr uses her natural beauty as power to influence the public through the media, such as the Rolling Stone magazine. Her designed office space ( far right) refers to the article, with elements such as curviness in the structure using the Australian landscape.( as raising awareness about the environment) .The choice of materials used throughout her office space such as transparency of glass symbolizes her iconic being with great exposure by the media as the general public gets a close taste of her personal lifestyle and fashion choices.

The bridge itself shows how Angela Merkle established direct contact with the media representative (Miranda Kerr) to contact with the general public. It is shown by the interlacing of the 2 space properties into the bridge structure.

interior shot of Angela Merkle's space

interior shot of Miranda Kerrs space.

shot of Merkles space lookin up to Kerrs space. showing how it uses the landscape.

Meeting space for the 2 clients , consists of 2 elevators and a meeting table. Left Miranda Kerr's elevator, right Aglela Merkle's elevator. Space it self to over look the beauty of the Australian Landscape , giving the 2 clients a sence of solitude and a way to take break from the media and the general public.
Thier discussion will basicaly be about, ways they can assist each other through thier different roles in life style, such as gaining more power and bringing out important messages such as awareness to the Environment. Through each others connection of media and politics.

Interior shot of the bridge.